Adjective: Definition and Examples

Definition –Adjective is a word whose main role is to modify and describe a noun. Its making your writing and speaking. Adjective is the one of the main part of speeches and English language. Its change information by the noun.

Use – Adjectives use for identify and quantify individual people and unique things. Usually positioned before noun and pronoun that they modify same sentences contain.

Type – 2 types of adjectives:

  1. Descriptive Adjective
  2. Limiting Adjective

Descriptive Adjective

1 Attributive Adjective

Generally more straightforward than their counterparts. Most adjectives used in two positions. When they are used before the noun they describe, they are called Attributive Adjectives. Attributive Adjective are- black, English, fast etc.

Examples –

  • It is an English Rose.
  • A black dog.
  • A fast journey.
  • A White cow.

2 Predicate Adjective

When they are use after a verb such as be, become look, grow and seem, they are called Predicate Adjective. It is contrasts with an attribute adjective. Its part of the predicate hence. They modify the subject of sentences. Its part of the predicate hence. They modify the subject of sentences. Predicate Adjectives are- Gloomy, black, sweet etc.

Examples –

  • Fruit is sweet.
  • The dog was black.
  • They were growing tired.
  • A future looks gloomy,.

Limiting Adjective

1 Possessive Adjective

Its show possession of describe whom thing belongs. And ownership of something while we use then when we refer to people. Possessive Adjective are- your, her, him, my etc.

Examples –

  • She loves your hat.
  • This is my phone.
  • The dog is sitting on its tail.
  • The shopkeeper sold her favorite thing.

2 Demonstrative Adjective

Its describes which noun and pronoun you are referring. That are used to modify noun. Its helpful for make it clear which thing of person you would like to talk. Whether person is far and near or singular and plural. Demonstrative Adjectives are- these, that, those, this etc.


  • My parents preferred those plates.
  • She lives in this house.
  • That cat is so adorable.
  • This is boring.

3 Indefinite Adjective

Its used to describe to noun. Its type of adjective. Adjective depending on context. Its singular or plural. Singular Indefinite Adjective are- each, enough, either, everybody etc. and Plural Indefinite Adjective are- both, few, many, other etc.


  • Both are beautiful.
  • Everybody come here.
  • Each state is under world.
  • Anybody seen this movie.

4 Interrogative Adjective

Its used with noun for ask the questions. Its used to modify interrogative sentences. Its part of adjective.Similar use with noun and pronoun. Interrogative Adjective are- what, which, why, who, where etc.


  • Where do you live?
  • What is your favorite subject?
  • Why are you laughing?
  • Which is your dress?
  • Where is Riya’s mother?

5 Cardinal Adjective

Adjective that modify the noun by numbers. Its sentences use with numbers. Similar use with nouns and pronouns but simple use with numerical sentences. Cardinal Adjectives are- one, two, three etc.


  • She is no. one girl.
  • They are two brothers.
  • Fifteen students are absent.
  • Total five family member in their home.
  • Three parrots are flying in the sky.

6 Ordinal Adjective

Its indicate the position of a noun in a series. Words are representing the position of rank in a sequential order. The order may be of size and importance etc. Ordinal Adjectives are- first, second, third etc.


  • She comes on the first date.
  • Third month is wonderful for me.
  • He is sitting on third row.
  • She is born in second month.
  • Just once read it.

7 Proper Adjective

Adjective drive from proper name and sentence who is called proper adjective. We are easily recognized. Its modified with nouns and pronouns. Its alternative ending with each sentences. Proper Adjectives are- Indian, Australian, American etc.


  • Italian food.
  • Russian opera.
  • I love Indian culture.
  • I like Japanese dress.


Definition of Adjective

Adjectives are those words that are used to describe or modify nouns or pronouns.

Examples of Adjective

  • They live in a beautiful house
  • Riya is wearing the sleeveless dress today.
  • She wears a beautiful dress.
  • She writes meaningless messages.
  • This shop is much nicer.
  • Sappy is an adorable baby.
  • Deepika’s hair is gorgeous
  • This glass is breakable.

There are 7 Types of Adjective


In Adjective there are 7 Types of adjectives are present in English Grammar.

  1. Descriptive Adjective
  2. Quantitative Adjective
  3. Demonstrative Adjective
  4. Possesive Adjective
  5. Interrogative Adjective
  6. Distributive Adjective
  7. Articles

Descriptive Adjectives Examples List

1 Descriptive Adjective

Definition of Descriptive Adjective

Descriptive adjectives are used to describe nouns and pronouns.

Examples of Descriptive Adjective

  1. Rishi is a nice person.
  2. He is a cricketer.
  3. I bought a genuine kajal.
  4. I am a self reliant woman.
  5. She has a beautiful daughter.
  6. She is a clever girl.
  7. I have an old touring car.
  8. She want to buy a diamond ring.
  9. We ate some delicious food.
  10. She loves golden jars.

2 Quantitative Adjective

Definition of Quantitative Adjective

Quantitative Adjectives describe the quantity of something.

Examples of Quantitative Adjective

  1. She has 40 horses.
  2. The forest has 2125 animals.
  3. The second world war still hunts some peoples.
  4. She ate half of my apple.
  5. Most people are people in this world.
  6. Kartik has many pencils in his bag.
  7. He is doing it for 66th times now.
  8. The fourth boy became first in the final exam.
  9. There are 30 girls and 32 boy in this class.
  10. Rohan completed the whole task.

3 Demostrative Adjective

Definition of Demonstrative Adjective

A demonstrative adjective describes “which” noun or pronoun you’re referring to.

Examples of Demonstrative Adjective

  • Give me that pink water bottle.
  • This time I won’t fail you.
  •  I want those gorgeous marbles.
  • I wanted to propose you that day.
  • These mangoes are rotating.
  • I can’t forget that accident
  • I cannot give you money at this time.
  • That building is stronger than this hut.
  • Those people were mean to her.
  • Those rascals are back in the town.

4 Possessive Adjective

Definition of Possessive Adjective

Possessive Adjective show possession. They describe to whom a thing belongs. Some of the most common possessive adjective.

Examples of Possessive Adjective

  • My computer is not working properly.
  • Your cycle has been stolen yesterday.
  • We are concerned about his performance.
  • Your child is not doing well in the school.
  • I could not understand her intentions.
  • Stop messing with my hair.
  • Her nails are so pretty.
  • I cannot believe that you are broke my glasses.
  • Her thoughts are too complex.
  • I don’t want to see his shadow again.

5 Interrogative Adjective

Definition of Interrogative Adjective

Interrogative adjective, meaning that they ask a question. These adjectives are always followed by noun or pronoun, and are used to form questions.

Examples of Interrogative Adjective

  • Whose book is this?
  • Which pen do you like?
  • Which song is your favourite ?
  • What books are you buying today?
  • Whose dress did you wear today?
  • What product did you order from there?
  • Which is Rohan’s bat?
  • What recipe did you choose from the recipe book?
  • Which player did get a fifty yesterday?
  • Whose phone is this?

6 Distributive Adjective

Definition of Distributive Adjective

Distributive Adjective describe specific members out of a group. These adjectives are used to single out one or more individual items or people.

Examples of Distributive Adjective

  • Each book was written with a pen or a brush.
  • Every day there is much work to be done.
  • Either situation might be the case.
  • Neither of them had a clue what was on her mind.
  • It’s not a decision or a wish any more.
  • We know each other from last 10 years.
  • He was strong and ready for every duty.
  • I don’t like either the one or the other.
  • He heard neither the clock nor the birds.
  • Call me if there’s any change.

7 Article

Definition of Article

There are only three article in the English Grammar: A, An, The. Articles can be difficult for English learners to use correctly. Articles are their own parts of speech.

Examples of Article

  1. There was a tree.
  2. He has been here about an hour.
  3. The horse did not stir.
  4. She tell me I walked the day I was a year old.
  5. He wanted needed an answer
  6. Ritika walks on the air all right.
  7. I suppose they are both a little artificial.
  8. I was not an easy decision.
  9. I like the black color dress.
  10. A warm hand rested on her waist.
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