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What are Adjectives?

An Adjectives is a word that modifies or adds to the meaning of a noun or pronoun.

However, The words in bold-face are adjectives. They are describing words. They have two main positions in sentences: before a noun or after verbs like be, seem, become, look and feel.

For example: The great cricketer is short.

Here, great is before the noun, cricketer, and short is after the verb, is, which is a form of the be verb.

Position of Adjectives?

  • It come before their nouns.

For Example:

  • This red flock is looking beautiful.

Words in this position is called attributive adjective.

  • Adjective of quality can come either before their nouns or after a verb.

For example:

  • Seema is a happy child.
  • Ratan felt cold.

Words in this position are called predicative adjectives.

If a group of words contain subject and verb and act as an adjective, then it is called an Adjective clause.

Order of Adjectives

Sometimes we use more than one adjective before a noun. The correct order of adjectives according to their meaning.

Here are some of them in the proper order:

  1. Adjectives of quantity(how much)- a few, some, more, many, etc.
  2. Opinion(how good)- terrible, great, horrible, nice, etc.
  3. Size(how big)- large, short, small, long, etc.
  4. Most other qualities- Important, dry, easy, cold, etc.
  5. Age(how old)- Old, new, ancient, etc.
  6. Colour- White, yellow, red, etc.
  7. Origin(where from)- Indian, Japanese, Chine, Sri Lankan, etc.
  8. Material(made of)- plastic, wooden, steel, woollen, etc.
  9. Type( what kind)- An electric train,etc.
  10. Purpose(what for)- Table cloth, etc.

Forming Adjectives

Some of them, like yellow and bright, are completely independent words. Many others are are formed by adding suffixes to noun, to verb and even to other adjectives.

Some common suffixes: al, ful, les, en, like, ive, ous, y, ly, ian, ic, ish, able, some. Other letters may have to be added or dropped when suffixes are added.

Adjectives formed from proper nouns should be capitalized.

Mars- Martian; Tibet- Tibetian

For example:

  • We bought a beautiful Persian carpet.
  • Let us buy some Danish pastries.

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