Adjectives of Quality Meaning, Examples, Lists

However, the adjective which usually describe the nature of a subject or a noun or showing the kind or quality of nouns or pronouns are called Adjective of Quality. The basic answer of the question of “what kind of?” in specifying the description of the subject or noun.

For examples:

  • Babar was a brave king.
  • Joshi is an honest man.
  • The rose is a beautiful flower.
  • It was a cloudy day.
  • Kolkata is a big city.

List of Adjectives of Quality:

However, the adjective of the quality simply describe the quality, state or the kind of noun it is. Thus, the adjective of quality consist both both negative and positive type of words which are being used depending on the context. There are various words. Moreover, we cannot list all.

Touch as adjectives:

However, these includes: Soft, hard, greasy, moist, tender, sticky, dry, oily, dusty, prickly, sandy, frosty, wet, sensitive, stiff, slippery, hairy.

Feelings as adjectives:

Thus, these consist: Happy, lovely, eager,  delighted, sweet, joy, proud, open, optimist, foolish, weak, tired, embarrassed, dirty, ugly, understanding.

Emotions as adjectives:

Moreover, it includes: Depressed, pity, jealous, shame, hurt, frustration, envy, pride, appreciative, overcome, supportive, liking, loving, hope, mad, fear, sick.

Tone as adjectives:

However, it includes: Social, heavy, light, dull, remorseful, liberal, political, annoyed, cautious, secretive, foolish, bold, happy, clear, sympathetic.

Shapes as adjectives:

Thus, these are: Spherical, concave, convex, concentric, congruent, curved, round, rectangle, triangular, pointed, oval, straight, vertical.

Colors as adjectives:

Hence, it consist: Dark, light, ablaze, shiny, cool, delicate, colorful, red, brown, green, deep, fast, fresh, colorless, fluorescent, loud, neutral.

Sizes as adjectives:

However, it includes: Large, small, thick, thin, huge, big, great, medium, shrunken, atomic, molecular, giant, massive, vast, enormous.

Materials as adjectives:

Thus, these are: Woody, metallic, synthetic, cotton, woolen, polyester, ceramic, plastic, silicon, fibrous etc.

Time as adjectives:

However, it includes: Weekly, yearly, monthly, timely, daily, hourly, half yearly, quarterly etc.

Opinions as adjectives:

Thus, these are: Attentive, awful, irritating, interesting, brave, dutiful, patient, serious, active, brilliant, honest, judgmental.

Religion as adjectives:

Hence, it consist: Buddhist, Christian, atheist, Taoist, Hindu, Muslim, pagan etc.

Age as adjectives:

Thus, these are: New, old, young, three year old, ancient, medieval, historic, pre historic etc.

Origin as adjectives:

Hence, it consist: Indian, Anglo-Indian, American, Persian, African, Greek, Latin, Spanish, French etc.

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