Demonstrative Adjectives Chart | Meaning | List of Demonstrative Adjectives | Examples

One of the type of Adjectives is Demonstrative Adjective. Adjectives are words that modify noun. But about Demonstrative Adjectives?

What is Demonstrative Adjective?

Demonstrative Adjective are used to modify a noun so that we can know which specific person, thing, place is mentioned. It emphasizes its importance. It identifies a specific noun.

Demonstrative adjective exclaims which noun or pronoun you’re referring to.

It will come just before a noun and pronoun and will tell us which one ‘specifically’.

List of Demonstrative Adjectives

There are certain types of Demonstrative Adjectives. They are: This, that, these and those. These adjectives will come just before a noun and  a pronoun and will tell you which noun or pronoun they’re modifying.

  1. This: It is used for a person or thing which is nearby or current.

For example:

This pen is mine, This day couldn’t get any worst.

       2. That: It is used for a person or thing that is further away.

For example:

That is my jeans, That house is so beautiful.

       3. These: It is used to refer more than one thing which is nearby.

For Example:

These are my shoes, These are my cousins.

       4. Those: It is used for more than one thing which is farther away.

For example:

Those earrings are too expensive, Those are my favourite flowers.

Some examples of Demonstrative Adjectives:

  • That tree is very beautiful.
  • These are my headphones.
  • This is your room.
  • Those birds are so marvellous.
  • That is my Grandparents house.
  • This is your tea.
  • These things are not meant to be followed.
  • Those clips are pretty.
  • That is my favourite shirt.
  • That is your hotel.
  • These are my favourite people.
  • Those cookies are delightful.
  • This is my novel.
  • I like that painting.
  • My brother love those muffins.
  • I know this is your bed.
  • That is painful.

These are some of the examples of Demonstrative Adjectives which you can use while framing sentences.

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