Descriptive Adjectives Chart | Definition | Functions | Types | Examples

Adjectives can modify and describe other words. It makes your writing and speaking much more specific and a whole lot of interesting. However, They are positioned before noun and pronouns which they modify. There are several types of Adjectives. The first Adjective that we are going to discuss here is Descriptive Adjectives.

What are Descriptive Adjectives?

The Descriptive adjective is generally the same when we hear of Adjectives. They are probably used to describe nouns and pronouns.

It generally describes quality of nouns or pronouns such as smell, taste, texture, appearance, and shape.

We can refer to descriptive adjectives for ideas on how to explain the action, state, or quality that a noun in a sentence refers to.

However, It describes noun in detail by giving attribute to that particular word.

Functions of Descriptive Adjectives

These Adjectives is a kind of Adjective  which is used to describe a noun in detail. It add colours to the entire text in general and also add additional information to the noun. There are thousands of Descriptive Adjectives in English Language, So it is not difficult to come up with the one. It describes the quality of a particular thing.

List of Descriptive Adjectives

Descriptive Adjectives are arranged in a specific group so that we can manage this large class of words.

  1. Simple Adjectives:

These are the most basic kind of Adjectives as their name suggests all. They express quality. Some of the aspects such as feelings, time, sound, quantity, taste, appearance, size, age, color, shape, and material are expressed through simple adjectives.
Some of the example are anxious, arrow, attractive, average, bad, beautiful, beige, better, big, bitter, black, blue.

      2. Compound Adjectives:

When two words are combined to create a Descriptive Adjective, then it is known as Compound Adjective. These two words are connected with each other with a help of a hyphen.

Some of the examples of Compound Adjectives are high-heeled, ice-cold, self-centered, self-obsessed, etc.

      3. Proper Adjectives:

The adjectives which are derived from a proper noun are known as Proper Adjectives.

Nations, religions and region are common qualities described by proper Adjectives.

Some of the examples of proper Adjectives are German, Indian, Canadian, Australian, Chinese, etc.

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