Interrogative Adjectives | Meaning | List of Interrogative Adjectives | Examples

Adjectives are the words that modify nouns. There are many types of Adjectives. Interrogative Adjectives is one of the type of Adjectives.

What is Interrogative Adjectives?

Like all other Adjectives, Interrogative adjectives also known as Interrogative Determiners modify nouns and pronouns. Moreover, They are always used to interrogate or to ask questions. They accompany or modify the noun or noun phrases and placed before them in a sentence. These words specify the sentence from the questioning point of view.

However, Adjectives can also be found in the predicate of the sentence. Thus, In this case the Adjective describes a preceding noun and is linked to it with a verb.

List of Interrogative Adjectives

There are certain words which comes under Interrogative Adjectives. They are:

  1. What: Generally, We use what when the amount of possible answer is unanswered or unlimited.

For example:

  • What are you planning to do today?
  • What are we doing here?
  • What are your weekend plans?
  • What books are these about?

2. Where: Where is used to refer generally places or to ask something.

For example:

  • Where is your dog?
  • Where can we find a good restaurant nearby?
  • Where are my socks?
  • Where should we go now?

3. Whose: Whose denotes possession or belonging. Through this, we can find out who the owner of an object is.

For example:

  • Whose T-shirt is this?
  • Whose tickets are this?
  • Whose car are you planning to drive?
  • Whose turn is next?

     4. Why: Why is used to ask questions.

For example:

  • Why are you sitting here?
  • Why did you come late?
  • Why are these bed sheets lying here?
  • Why are you upset today?

     5.Which: We use which when we either know how many choices there are, or we consider the options to be more limited.

For example:

  • Which is your favorite color?
  • Which is your toy among them?
  • Which is your favorite doll?
  • Which is the best dish in this restaurant?

Hence, these are some of the examples of Interrogative Adjectives. You can use them while framing sentences.

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