Possessive Adjectives Chart | Definition | Forms of Possessive Adjectives | Examples

Adjectives are the words that modify nouns or pronouns. There are several types of Adjectives. Possessive Adjective is one of the type of Adjectives.

What is Possessive Adjectives?

Possessive adjectives are used to show possession or ownership of something. When we use it for people it is defined for relationship and not for ownership.

It modifies noun by showing a sense of ownership or showing a form of possession or a sense of belonging to a particular person or thing. They describe to whom a thing belongs.

Some of the most commonly used possessive Adjectives are my, your, our, its, her, his, their, and whose (interrogative).

Different forms of Possessive Adjectives

  • For the first person, the possessive adjective used is my, our.

For Example:

  1. This is my phone.
  2. That’s our place.
  3. This is my school.
  4. These are our Grandparents.
  • For the second person, the possessive Adjective used is your.

For Example:

  1. This is your cup of tea.
  2. That’s your duty to inform me.
  3. It’s your T-shirt.
  4. Is this your child?
  • For the third person, The possessive Adjective used is her, his, its, their.

For Example:

  1. That book belongs to her.
  2. His name is Kartikay.
  3. Its your piece of cake. (Its is a contraction of It is)
  4. Their car is in their garage.

These are some of the different forms of Possessive Adjectives.

Examples of Possessive Adjectives

  • This is your pen and this is mine.
  • Its color is very nice.
  • This is my Laptop.
  • These things belongs to her.
  • Please put the table there.
  • Why didn’t you cleaned your room?
  • Those are my shoes.
  • My vehicle is very old.
  • Your hands are really cold.
  • Is this your bag?
  • Her hair is very long.
  • His dog is white.
  • Her mother is very friendly.

Hence, these are some of the example of Possessive Adjectives, you can use them while framing sentences on your own.

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