Types of Adjectives | Adjective and their types | Examples

An Adjective is a word that modifies or adds to the meaning of a noun or pronoun. Adjectives change their form to show comparison. There are three degree of Adjectives that is Positive, Comparative and Superlative. There are several types of Adjectives.

Types of Adjectives

There are several types of Adjectives. They are:

  1. Descriptive Adjectives:

Descriptive Adjectives are almost the same when you hear about Adjectives. Descriptive adjectives are used to describe nouns and pronouns. Words like Brave, good, bad, sick, tall, large, black, careful, etc. comes under Descriptive Adjectives. These adjectives adds quality and modify words.

For example: The dog is hungry. In this case, the word hungry is an adjective describing the dog.

      2. Quantitative Adjectives:

Quantitative Adjectives describe the quantity of words. These adjectives are used to answer some questions like how much? or how many? We use certain words to describe Quantitative adjectives Much, little, no, some, any, all, whole, enough, etc.

For example: How many birds do you have?

       3. Demonstrative Adjectives:

It indicates ‘which’ noun or pronoun you’re referring to. Certain words are used to refer Demonstrative Adjectives like

  • This: It is used to refer to a singular noun nearby.
  • That: Used to refer to singular noun far from you.
  • These: It is used to refer to a plural noun close to you.
  • Those: Used to refer to a plural noun far from you.

They took place before the words they’re modifying.

For example: Which pen is yours? This pen is mine, and that one is of my friend.

        4. Possessive Adjectives:

It generally describes possession. They describe to whom a specific thing refers. Some of the most common possessive adjectives include: My, her, his, Your, their, our.

All these words except his and her must be used before a noun. Because you can’t say that’s my, You have to use That’s my pen.

For Example: Whose shoes is this? That’s my shoes.

         5. Interrogative Adjectives:

These adjectives are generally used to interrogate, To ask Questions. These adjectives are always followed by a noun or a pronoun and can be used to form questions. Some of the Interrogative Adjectives are: Which, whose, what.

For example: Which is your favourite colour?

         6. Descriptive Articles:

It describes specific members out of a group. These words are used to specify one particular thing. Some of these words are: Each, every, Either, neither, any. These adjectives are followed by noun and pronoun they’re modifying.

For example: Every day is a new day.

         7. Articles:

There are three articles in English grammar. They are: a, an, the.

  • A- A singular, general item.
  • An – A singular, general item. Use this before words that start with a vowel.
  • The – A singular or plural, specific item.

For example: The Elephants are moving towards the jungle.

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