Uses of Adjectives | Comparative and Superlative Degree | Examples

An adjective is a word that modifies or adds to the meaning of a noun or pronoun. There are many Uses of Adjectives.

Uses Of Adjectives?

a.) Words like ‘prior’, ‘anterior’, ‘senior’, ‘junior’, ‘superior’, ‘inferior’, ‘posterior’ are also used as Comparative Degree, but these are followed by ‘to’ and not by ‘than’.


  1. She is five years senior/junior to me.
  2. This pair of shoes is superior/inferior to that.

b.) Double Comparative and Double Superlatives should never be used.


  1. He is wealthier than his friend.

c.) Superlative degree is not be used very+ positive degree.


  1. Rahul wrote a very good book.

d.) When two articles and person are not equal, than comparative(and not superlative) should be used.


This plan is better(not, best) than that.

e.) If first of the two or more adjectives is superlative, than the other should also be superlative.


  1. Rakesh is one of the best and most popular teacher of my school.

f.) Preferable has a force of comparative degree and is followed by ‘to’. Never use ‘more preferable’.


  1. Health is preferable to wealth.

g.) This and that are followed by a singular noun and these and those are followed by plural nouns.


  1. We do not this kind of people.

h.) The following adjectives are never compared because they themselves are perfect: chief, ideal, unique, perfect, complete, universal, entire, extreme.


  1. Mr. Tayal is my chief enemy.
  2. That was a unique plan.

i.) The following type of error is very common:


  1. The population of Kolkata is greater than that of Mumbai.

j.) If an adjective comes after the phrase ‘one of, it should be in the superlative degree.


  1. Riya is one of the most beautiful girls of our colony.

k.) When a thing is compared with another of the same kind, ‘any other’ should be used after the adjective in positive degree or comparative degree.


  1. Mrs Indira Gandhi was more popular than any other leader of her time.
  2. Anushka is as intelligent as any other girl in the class.

‘Other’ can not be used after a Superlative degree.


  1. Mrs Indira  Gandhi was the best of all leaders.

l.) When two persons or things of the same kind or quality are to be compared, we should use:

as+ positive degree+ as


no/not+ comparative degree+ than.


  1. This boy is as intelligent as that.

Hence, These are some of the Uses of Adjectives and examples of Adjectives.

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