Antonyms Examples List


A word that has the exact opposite meaning of another word its antonym.

Examples of Antonyms

Accurate Inaccurate Evening Morning
Achieve Fail Evil Good
Add Subtract Excited Bored
Admit Deny Exhale Inhale
Admit Reject Expand Shrink
Adore Hate Expensive Cheap
Against For Export Import
Agree Disagree Exterior Interior
Ahead Behind External Internal
Alive Dead Fake Real
All None Fall  Rise
Allow Forbid Famous Unknown
Alone Together Fast Slow
Always Never Fat Skinny
Amateur Professional Fat Thin
Amuse Depart Few Many
Ancient Modern First Last
Answer Question Float Sink
Authentic Imitation Foolish Wise
Back Front Forget Remember
Bad Good Forgive Blame
Beautiful Ugly Forward Backward
Before After Friend Enemy
Beg Offer Funny Sad
Begin End Generous Stingy
Beginning Conclusion Gentle Rough
Behind In Front of Giant Tiny
Beneath Above Give Take
Best Worst Guilty Innocent
Better Worse Harmful Harmless
Big Little Harsh Mild
Birth Death Healthy Sick
Bitter Sweet Heavy Light
Black White Hero Coward
Blunt Sharp Hide Show
Boring Interesting High Low
Borrow Lend Hungry Full
Bottom Top Husband Wife
Boy Girl Identical Different
Buy Sell Ignorant Educated
Calm Windy Important Trivial
Capable Incapable Imprison Free
Capture Release In Out
Carefull Careless Incomplete Complete
Catch Throw Increase Decrease
Change Remain Inside Outside
Child Adult Interesting Boring
Chilly Warm Junior Senior
Chreeful Sad Justice In Justice
      Clean Dirty Kind Mean
Clever Foolish Large Small
Clever Stupid Laugh Cry
Close Open Lazy Dilligent
Cold Hot Lead Follow
Combine Separate Leave Stay
Comedy Tragedy Left Right
Complex Simple Legal Illegal
Conceal Reveal Like Dislike
Conquer Fail Live Die
Continue Interrupt Lock Unlock
Cool Warm Long Short
Correct Incorrect Loose Tight
Correct Wrong Love Hate
Crazy Sane Lowful Unlowful
Create Destroy Loyal Disloyal
Cruel Kind Mature Immature
       Dangerous Safe Merry Sad
Dark Bright Narrow Broad
Dark Light Near Messy
Dawn Sunset Noisy Silent
Deep Shallow Notice Overlock
Demand Supply Obedient Disobediant
Despair Hope Reward Punishment
Different Same Right Wrong
Difficult Easy Rough Smooth
Discomfort Comfort Small Big
Doubt Trust Soft Hard
Downwards Upwards Spend Save
Drunk Sober Start Finish
Dry Wet Stay Go
Dusk Dawn Straight Crooked
Early Late Strengthen Weaken
Easy Hard Strong Weak
Effective Ineffective Sweet Sour
Enter Exit Tall Short