Adjective: Definition and Examples

Definition –Adjective is a word whose main role is to modify and describe a noun. Its making your writing and speaking. Adjective is the one of the main part of speeches and English language. Its change information by the noun. Use – Adjectives use for identify and quantify individual people and unique things. Usually positioned … Read more

Distributive Adjectives | Meaning | Uses | Examples of Distributive Adjectives

Adjectives are the words which modify nouns and pronouns. However, It has several types among which Distributive adjectives is one of them. What is Distributive Adjectives? An Adjective which is used to refer each and every person or things separately or describe specific member out of a group is called Distributive Adjective. Moreover, These Adjectives … Read more

Interrogative Adjectives | Meaning | List of Interrogative Adjectives | Examples

Adjectives are the words that modify nouns. There are many types of Adjectives. Interrogative Adjectives is one of the type of Adjectives. What is Interrogative Adjectives? Like all other Adjectives, Interrogative adjectives also known as Interrogative Determiners modify nouns and pronouns. Moreover, They are always used to interrogate or to ask questions. They accompany or … Read more

Possessive Adjectives Chart | Definition | Forms of Possessive Adjectives | Examples

Adjectives are the words that modify nouns or pronouns. There are several types of Adjectives. Possessive Adjective is one of the type of Adjectives. What is Possessive Adjectives? Possessive adjectives are used to show possession or ownership of something. When we use it for people it is defined for relationship and not for ownership. It … Read more

Demonstrative Adjectives Chart | Meaning | List of Demonstrative Adjectives | Examples

One of the type of Adjectives is Demonstrative Adjective. Adjectives are words that modify noun. But about Demonstrative Adjectives? What is Demonstrative Adjective? Demonstrative Adjective are used to modify a noun so that we can know which specific person, thing, place is mentioned. It emphasizes its importance. It identifies a specific noun. Demonstrative adjective exclaims … Read more

Quantitative Adjectives | Definition | Types of Quantitative Adjectives | Examples

Adjectives has several types. Quantitative Adjective is one of the type of Adjectives. What is Quantitative Adjectives? Quantitative adjectives describes the quantity of something. Adjectives of quantity indicates the amount or estimated amount of the noun or pronoun in a sentence. It tells the amount of noun only in relative whole terms. It does not … Read more

Descriptive Adjectives Chart | Definition | Functions | Types | Examples

Adjectives can modify and describe other words. It makes your writing and speaking much more specific and a whole lot of interesting. However, They are positioned before noun and pronouns which they modify. There are several types of Adjectives. The first Adjective that we are going to discuss here is Descriptive Adjectives. What are Descriptive … Read more

Types of Adjectives | Adjective and their types | Examples

An Adjective is a word that modifies or adds to the meaning of a noun or pronoun. Adjectives change their form to show comparison. There are three degree of Adjectives that is Positive, Comparative and Superlative. There are several types of Adjectives. Types of Adjectives There are several types of Adjectives. They are: Descriptive Adjectives: … Read more

Comparison of Adjectives | Positive degree | Comparative degree | Superlative degree | Examples

Comparison of Adjectives Adjectives change their form to show comparison. There three degrees of Comparison of Adjectives are Positive, Comparative and Superlative. Positive Degree However, The simple form of the Adjectives is called the Positive degree. A positive adjectives is a normal adjectives that’s used to describe and not compare. Moreover, It is used to … Read more