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Classifying Noun

By | July 27, 2017

  You have now learned about abstract vs. concrete, common vs. proper, and singular vs. plural nouns, as well as compound, collective, and possessive nouns. Most nouns fit into more than one category. This lesson is a review of everything you have learned.   Find out types of noun from the example- Abstract: I want to see justice… Read More »

Possessive Nouns. Definition, Examples and Exercise

By | July 27, 2017

Definition: Possessive nouns show ownership. Possessive comes from the same root as possession, something you own. Singular Possessives Add ‘s to singular words to show possession. t-shirt’s logo             moon’s brightness                class’s income (t-shirt + ‘s)              (moon + ‘s)                      (class + ‘s) If a singular word ends in s, it is still necessary to add ‘s. Book’s cover             … Read More »

Common and Proper Noun? Definition, Examples and Exercise

By | July 25, 2017

  Definition: Common nouns name any person, place, thing, or idea. They are not capitalized unless they come at the beginning of a sentence. Proper nouns are the names of specific people, places, things, or ideas. Proper nouns should always be capitalized.   Common                    Proper man                =>         Victor Hugo mountain       =>          Mount Kilimanjaro ocean             =>           Atlantic Ocean country         … Read More »