Interjection meaning according to the dictionary : an abrupt remark, especially as an aside or interruption.

Interjection refers to those words which are added in sentence to express strong feeling and sudden emotions or sentiments such as surprise, disgust, joy, excitement, pain, sorrow , attention , calling etc.

Note: It is not related grammatically related with any part of sentence.It is used to express feeling or emotions. an interjection followed by an exclamation mark will be followed by an exclamatory sentence in an sentence.

Use: The words are generally used in sentences are as follows: Oh! , Wow, Ouch, Oops, Aha, Yahoo, Eww etc.

For Example:
1. Wow! We won the match
2.You think this is good???-Eww
3.oh! I am so sorry
4.Ouch!! You hurt me.

Types of interjections

Interjections has been divided in to many types which are greeting, joy, surprise, approval, sorrow, attention, and calling.

Why do we use interjections?

Interjections is the part of speech.It is generally used in informal manner or language. It gives an identification to our emotions and feelings.

It is necessary to use interjections?

It is not necessary to use interjections in a sentence. It generally use to convey the speaker or individual feeling and emotions.However if it use , it shows an expression of feeling or sentiment in message which makes your message more reliable.

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