Classifying Noun

You have now learned about abstract vs. concrete, common vs. proper, and singular vs. plural nouns, as well as compound, collective, and possessive nouns. Most nouns fit into more than one category. This lesson is a review of everything you have learned.

What is a Noun?What is a Noun for Kids?
Types of NounsClassifying Noun
Possessive NounsCollective Nouns
Irregular Plural NounsSingular and Plural Nouns
Common and Proper NounCommon Proper Noun Worksheet

Find out types of noun from the example-

Abstract: I want to see justice served.

Concrete: I painted the picket fence white.

Common:  You broke my favourite mug.

Proper: I really love art by Van Gogh.

Singular: Joey told me a funny story.

Plural: Jenna will come to the movies with us.

Compound: We put a scarecrow in the garden to chase birds away.

Collective: A large group went swimming at the lake.

Possessive: The dog is the Smith’s.

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