Collective Nouns, Definition, Examples and Exercise

Definition: Collective comes from the same root as collection. A collective noun names a group, which is like a collection of people or things.

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Flock, crowd, choir, team

Hint: Put the word in this test sentence to see if it works:

A flock of birds.

A crowd of people.

A choir of singers.

A team of horses.

Find out collective noun from the examples for exercise:

  • A large crowd stood on the platform.
  • On Thursday the army marched six miles.
  • The club hold a meeting at my house.
  • Our family owns a house in the country.
  • A herd of sheep grazed on the hillside.
  • The orchestra tuned up before the concert.
  • Mr. Ferguson spoke to our class.
  • Gretchen is the president of our committee.
  • The navy sailed three ships into the harbour.
  • A large group went swimming at the lake.

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