What is a Noun?

Definition of Noun: A noun is a word that names a person, place, thing or idea.

What is a Noun? What is a Noun for Kids?
Types of Nouns Classifying Noun
Possessive Nouns Collective Nouns
Irregular Plural Nouns Singular and Plural Nouns
Common and Proper Noun Common Proper Noun Worksheet

Concrete nouns name people, places, or things that you can touch, see, hear, smell, or taste.

Person Place Thing
Woman Pond Toy
Police Hut Cap
Mr. Sharma New Delhi Table
Cherry Temple Sofa

Abstract nouns name ideas, concepts, or emotions. These nouns are intangible, which means you cannot touch, see, hear, smell, or taste them using your five senses.

Idea Emotion
love happiness
intelligence anger
justice excitement
religion fear
time surprise

Hint:   Remember one thing that pronouns are not nouns.

Find out NOUNS from examples for exercise

  • The lamp sits on a table next to the sofa.
  • The theory of relativity is an important concept.
  • I turned my back on that out that outrageous man.
  • The band played until three in the morning.
  • He works at the base on the other side of town.
  • If you look up there you can see a bat flying between the trees.
  • Do you know the name of that bird on that branch?
  • He received a mighty blow from his opponent in the boxing match.
  • You will find the coin at the bottom of the lake.
  • I’ll take a five minute break and then get back to work.

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