Difference Between Action Verb and Linking Verb

Linking verb can use both communication and writing. Yes, it’s better for communication. Linking verb and verb are different. Mostly student understand same, but it is not true. Linking verb connects a subject and other part of sentence like noun or adjective. The main work of linking verb is established a connection between subject with noun or adjective. Linking Verbs […]

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Reflexive and Intensive Pronouns, Examples, Exercises, worksheets, Chart, Sentences, PDF, PPT, DOC

Reflexive and Intensive Pronouns. Chart, Examples and Exercise 2018

Reflexive Pronouns:-  Definition: Reflexive sounds like reflection, the image in the mirror that bounces back at you. A reflexive pronoun tells us that whoever performs the action in a sentence is also the one on the receiving end of that action. In other words, the reflexive pronoun reflects back to the subject. A reflexive pronoun can be used as the direct object, indirect object, or object of a […]

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Pronoun, Guide about 8 Types of Pronouns with Chart and Examples 2019

Pronoun, Types of Pronouns, Pronouns Examples 2018

You study abut pronoun that pronoun can do everything that noun do, right! Pronoun can take place of noun.Here is a list of pronoun detail. Surprise to Know about Types of Pronoun Personal Pronouns Demonstrative Pronouns Interrogative Pronouns Reciprocal Pronouns Possessive Pronouns Reflexive Pronouns Relative Pronouns Indefinite Pronouns In our books, there are 8 types of pronouns, but it may […]

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