Cases of pronoun, Definition, Examples and Exercises

The cases of pronouns tell you how they are being used in a sentence.

      IWeMe  UsMy, mineOur, ours
    YouYouYouYouYour, yoursYour, yours
He, She, ItTheyHim, her, itThemHis, her, hers, itsTheir, theirs

Subject Pronoun:-

Definition: A subject pronoun(also called a nominative pronoun) is used as the subject of a sentence or as a subject complement following a linking verb. (The subject of a sentence is the person doing the action in a sentence. A subject complement is a word that renames or gives more information about the subject. A linking verb, such as is or seems, connects the subject to the subject complement.)

Hint :- Subject pronoun as the subject of a sentences

A subject  pronoun that act as the subject of a sentence will make sense in the following test sentence:

  • I have a big chocolate bar.
  • You have some ice cream.
  • He has a cake.
  • We could have a party.
  • They could come, too.
  • Who should be invited?

Object Pronoun: –

Definition: An object pronoun (also called an objective pronoun) is used as a direct object, an indirect object, or the object of a preposition. Below are some examples of these concepts. To learn more, follow the links.

Hint:- The object pronoun will fit in the test sentence :

  • Give the chocolate to me, please?
  • Why should I give it to you?
  • You could give it to him, instead.
  • Please share it to all of us.
  • Do we have to share it with them?

Possessive Pronoun:-

Definition: possessive pronouns show ownership.

There are two sets of possessive pronouns. Myyourhisheritsouryour, and their are usually classified as possessive pronouns, but they are more accurately described as possessive adjectives because they always modify nouns.

Hint:- Note that there are no apostrophes in the possessive pronoun. They are born showing ownership, so it’s not necessary to add ‘s to show ownership Remember that it’s is the possessive pronoun.

  • That’s my shirt.
  • That shirt is mine.
  • The house is mine.
  • It’s their house.
  • The dog is scratching its ear.

Find out pronoun from the examples for exercise

  • Are you and they attending the meeting.
  • No one is more concerned about the matter than she.
  • Whom can I go out with tonight.
  • Margaret and I hope to be room mates.
  • The committee told smith and them to write a new resolution.
  • Is he the one for whom the note is intended?
  • We discovered that it was they who started the fire.
  • Everyone asked Joan and him to speak at the convention.
  • A person as young as she should not be given too much responsibility.
  • Five of us took a cab to the play.

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