Interrogative Pronouns Chart, Definition, Examples and Exercise

Definition: To interrogate is to ask someone questions. Interrogative pronouns ask questions.

Interrogative Pronouns
Things Things or People   People


Which can also be used to indicate a choice or distinction among two or more people.

I see two girls making a sand castle. Which is your sister and which is your cousin?

Each of these interrogative pronouns can be used as either singular or plural. Most of the examples in this lesson are singular, but below are a few plural examples.

Interrogative Pronouns Chart, Definition, Examples and Exercise 2018

Which of these ladies is your brother?

What if the dinosaurs come back while we were all asleep?

Are my kids cute or do they make people uncomfortable?

Who vs. Whom

Who is a subject pronoun. You use it ask for information about what people are doing or who they are.

Who is at the door?

Whom is an object pronoun. It is used to find out whom an action is being done to, not who is doing an action. It is also used with prepositions.

After whom do I enter the stage?

Who Whom
Subject PronounDirect or indirect object pronoun
Never use as the object of a prepositionMust use with prepositions

Find out Interrogative Pronoun from the example for exercise:

  • What is your favourite colour?
  • Whose shirt is this?
  • Whatsoever do you mean by that?
  • Whom were you speaking with last night?
  • Which of this two do you prefer?
  • I don’t know where she was going?
  • To whom did you give the note?
  • Who will design the new logo?
  • What are you talking about?
  • Whose camera is this?

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