Personal Pronouns Chart, Definition, Examples and Exercise 2019

Personal word is enough to understand about personal pronoun. More details can get an idea from personal pronoun chart.

Generally pronoun definition has its meaning like this the prefix “Pro + Noun” her is pro and noun, now understand well. Pro does mean for or in place of. It replaces of noun. This content is about personal pronouns, which replace nouns that refer to people or things.

Personal Pronouns Chart

Personal Pronouns Chart 2019

Personal pronouns have:

  • Number: They are singular or plural.
  • Person: 1st person is the person speaking, 2nd person is the person being spoken to, and 3rd person is the person being spoken about. You can look at the chart below for examples.
  • Case: Determines how a pronoun is being used in a sentence (subject, object, or possessive). We’ll go over this more in the next lesson.Directions: Find out Personal Pronouns from examples for exercise:
    • I would like some water.
    • Marie, did you forget something?
    • Kevin said he would share his cake with me.
    • The dog acts like it is hungry.
    • My parents said they need a night out.
    • I am friends with him.
    • Pam gave the cookies to her.
    • She is my little sister.
    • Don’t be rude to us.

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