Synonyms Examples List


A synonyms is a word that means exactly or nearby the same as another word or phrase in the same language.

Examples of Synonyms

Amazing surprising, Outstanding, Stunings
Bad awful, terrible, horrible
Beautiful attractive, pretty, stunning
Benefit profit, revenue, yield
Big large, huge, giant
Brave courageous, valiant, heroic
Cold: chilly, freezing, forsty
Comparioion connection, illustration, relation
Criteria foundation, rule, law
Cunning keen, sharp, Slick
Display unfolding, front, presentation
Easy simple, effortless, straightforward
Explanation details, information, answer
Fair just, objective, impartial
Fertile fruitful, abudant, productive
Gauge meter, rule, thickness
Guide advice, leader, inspiration
Happy content, joyful, mirthful
Hardworking determined, industrious, enterprising
Honest honourable, fair, sincere
Hot burining, fiery, boiling,
Hungry empty, ravenous, starved
Ideal goal, standard,patern
Illustration clarification, representative, sample
Instance occurrence, sample, particular
Intelligent brillant, clever, smart
Kind considerate, amirable, gracious
Lazy idle, lethargic, indolent
Lead advance, point, direction
Light angle, condition, education
Lucky auspicious, fortunate
Materializaion inclusion, externalization, structure
Mean unfriendly, unpleasant, difficult
Measure scale, type, method
Objectification collection, formation, symbol
Old elderly, aged, senior
Organisation association, institution, management
Pacify appease, placate
Panoply arrangement, exposure, shine
Partner associate, colleauge, companion
Personalization inclusion, realization, conformation
Piece fragment, section, segment
Polite courteous, cordial, gracious
Portion piece, part, segment
Positive optimistic, cheerful, sanguine
Problem teaser, twister, illustration
Rich affluent, wealthy, well-off
Risky dangerous, perilous, treacherous
Senseless absurd, illogical, unreasonable
Sleepy drowsy, listless, sluggish
Small Tiny, little, mini
Standard mean, requirement, measure
Strong stable, secure, solid, tough
True genuine, factual, accurate, correct, real
Unhappy sad, depressed, melancholy, miserable
Vacant empty, deserted, uninhabited
Valid authorized, legitimate
Warning intimation, lesson, prediction
Weak frail, infirm, puny, fragil
Wet damp, moist, soggy
Yardstick guide, meter, indicator
Young budding, fledging, tenderfoot