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 Past tense

Past tense is a part of tenses. It reflects a situation or a action which took place in past. Moreover, it refers to an event which took place in past. The past time which is being referred generally means the past relative to the moment of speaking.

A part of speech which has already happened in the past and is used to reflect those things with the help of sentences.

In some languages, some of the past tenses can carry an impression that the result of the action in question no longer holds.

People generally use past tense to describe an event of past.

Uses of Past tense

  • The most important use of past tense is that it can be used to describe the event which already took place.
  • It can also be used as a polite expressions.
  • Past tense can be used to reflect the present or the future in a conditional statement.
  • Past tense can be used to answer hypothetical questions or situations.
  • In present, we can use past tense sentences to talk about past.

Types of past tense

  1. Past simple: It is used to describe simple past sentences. For example: I worked.
  2. Past continuous: It is used to describe past sentences which are being continue. For example: I was working.
  3. Past Perfect: It expresses an action which took place long back and before occurrence of another action. For example: I had lived in London.
  4. Past Perfect Continuous: It donates to an ongoing action which started or continued somewhere in past. For example: I had been waiting for you from last two hours.

Examples of Past tense

  • It rained yesterday morning.
  • I had chicken yesterday.
  • We went temple last week.
  • Sheena watched television all night.
  • He wanted to go to the museum.
  • She was studying all night.

Hence, Past tense is an important part of Tenses. It can be used to describe events of the past.

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