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What are tenses?

Tenses is the most essential part of English Grammar.

However, tenses are used to classify time reference with reference to the moment of speaking. Tenses are used to classify the time of your speech, that is, present, future and past. Thus, there are many tense less sentences which are used in different languages like Chinese.

Moreover, tenses are used to express time related to moment of speaking.

Uses of Tenses:

However, Tense is understood as a category that expresses time reference, using grammatical means places a state or action in time.

Moreover, Tense is normally indicated by the use of a particular verb form either an inflected form of the main verb, or a multi-word construction, or both in combination.

Thus, Tenses are used in sentences to indicate a particular time whether it is past, present or future.

Types of Tenses:

However, There are three main types of tenses. They are: Present tense, past tense, future tense.

1. Present tense:

In Present tense, we generally make sentences which refers to present situation.

For examples:

  • Ram is eating his dinner.
  • Priya is dancing.
  • Rahul is playing.

2. Past tense:

In past tense, we generally make sentences which refers to past situation or the things which already took place.

For example:

  • He ate his icecream.
  • Sheena went home.
  • Garv had fish yesterday.

3. Future tense:

In future tense, we generally make sentences which refers to future situation or the things which will take place in future.

For example:

  • Riya will come tomorrow.
  • I will eat pizza tomorrow.
  • We will go to grandmothers home next week.

Some examples of tenses are:

  • She is watching television.
  • He is watching a football match.
  • She will go Goa tomorrow.
  • He had been playing football.
  • She has won five matches so far.
  • I got a call yesterday.
  • I am suffering from fever.
  • She had a fight yesterday.
  • We are playing cricket.
  • He will give you his book next week.

Tenses are very essential in English Grammar as one can make sentences with the help of them easily.

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