Action V/s. Linking Verb

Definition: The verbs appear, become, feel, grow, look, remain, seem, smell, sound,  stay, taste, and turn can act either as linking verbs or action verbs. You have to understand the relationships in the sentence.


            He accepted my apology.


The child will be tall five years from now.

Find out Linking and Action verb from the example for exercise:

  • The ghost appeared in the doorway.
  • Bill became the president of the student council.
  • The tree grows every day.
  • John felt sick after lunch.
  • Mom tasted the soup.
  • The cloth on the table felt soft and fuzzy.
  • Roberto placed the ball into the corner of the goal.
  • Georgia is a state just above Florida.
  • Before leaving for school, Andrea helped her mother pack their lunches.
  • Those cars are the most expensive ones on the lot.



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