Idiomatic Verbs, Chart, Definition, Examples and Exercise 2018

What is an Idiomatic Verbs? Every student asks this question. Idiomatic Verbs are an important for better communication as well as written. An Idiomatic Verbs are not different from idioms. They are idioms, but don’t mean same as it is. The idioms are different meaning. So don’t translate, but understand its actual meaning.

It is an another name of phrasal verbs, yes it is also called phrasal verbs since it takes a place of phrase to make its meaning. It is made up of a verb and a preposition.

Idiomatic Verbs, Chart, Definition, Examples and Exercise 2018


  • Ella tore up the letter after she read it.
  •   Their car broke down two miles out of town.
  •   Did the manager deal with that customer’s complaint.

Hint :-  Prepositions usually have objects when they are part of a prepositional phrase. If the preposition does not have an object and is not an adverb, it might be part of an idiomatic verb.

Even though their meaning is not literal, we understand idiomatic verbs because we use them frequently. When using idiomatic verbs, many new English speakers often make mistakes.

When writing idiomatic verbs, writers run into trouble when they put words between parts of an idiomatic verb. Other times, writers try to give intransitive idiomatic verbs direct objects

Transitive : Some idiomatic verbs are transitive and can be separated by a noun or pronoun.

  • The choir sang carols.
  • She left London on June 6.

Intransitive: Some are intransitive; they do not take a direct object.

  • Pete always sings in the bath.
  • I want to leave early.

     Find out Idiomatic verbs from the examples for exercise

  • Be sure to put on a life jacket before getting into the boat.
  •   We left out the trash for pickup.
  •        It’s time to get on the plane.
  •       What will she think up next?
  •      I’m having some trouble working out the solution to this equation.
  •       We’re going to have to put off our vacation until next year.
  •         Stand up when speaking in class, please.
  •        We’ll Have to wake up early if we want breakfast.
  • ·      Take off your shoes before you walk on the carpet.
  • ·      My dog likes to break out of his kennel to chase squirrels.

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