Shifts in verb tense, Definition and Example

Definition: A shift in verb tense is when the writer changes from one tense to another. Sometimes it is done on purpose, but some writers accidentally switch back and forth. Accidental shifting usually happens when a writer begins writing as if he or she is watching the story. It is usually told in past tense. Then as the writer gets absorbed in the story and feels like he or she is experiencing the story, the tense switches to present tense. When the writer gets distracted, the tense switches back to past tense.

Note:- If you include dialogue, the quotations will usually be in a different tense (usually present tense) from the narration.

 Examples of shift in verb tense

Once there was a little kid who went on a / an numerous hike through a/an Juicy forest in the middle of Afica. At first he had fun watching the cute little light brown go jumping through the trees and talking to the Giraffe that dodged between name was Nemo realized he was lost, and he got very frightened. His Giraffe began to chatter and he wished he were home with daddy band Nemo. Suddenly he noted that the huge trees began to look like desert, and they seemed.

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