The Verb To Be, Defination, Examples And Exercise

The verb to be can be used as 3 different types of verbs.


Bob is ill.


My friends were late.


I am the first student to graduate from my family.

Hint: if to be is followed by when or where (an adverb), it is a state-of-being (a type of action) verb.

Find out the verb to be from the examples for exercise:

  1. The little boy has been naughty.
  2. She has been rude, but now she apologizes.
  3. They have been tricked.
  4. The house will be cleaned.
  5. The light was turned on.
  6. Cars are bought.
  7. I am trying to get some sleep.
  8. Justin and Ethan are watching a movie.
  9. The students were excited to be at school.
  10. We were happy to have our friends over last week.

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